Age Play Stories (including Little & Loved!)

Little and Loved

Kelly fled her hometown years ago after her father died, but now she’s back and living with her father’s best friend, a man she’s always called Uncle David. He’s kind enough to give her a place to stay and a job, but she soon finds out he has plans for her – plans that include spankings when she’s naughty, and not allowing her to wear the grownup clothes she’d worn while living in the city. He explains that his feelings for her have changed and he wants her to be his little girl. Kelly loves this new attention from Uncle David, and she agrees to his terms – terms he promises to enforce with a bare bottom spanking each and every time she misbehaves. But Kelly is used to her plans going awry, and she worries constantly that Uncle David will grow tired of her. Can Uncle David convince her that when he says forever, he means forever?

Note: Little and Loved is an age play erotic romance with spanking and other adult content.

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My Strict Daddy

My Strict Daddy features all three stories in the Strict Daddy series: 

Dominated by Daddy
Pounded by Daddy 
Claimed by Daddy 
Note: My Strict Daddy is naughty, intended for mature readers 18+, and features the spanking of adult women, age play, anal punishment, and other erotic content.